Guess what? Day Two is done!

I actually finished it earlier, but here's a lesson in prioritization:

it was more important for me to work on more designs than to be recognized for the ones I've done. So I delayed this blog

Logo Design Version 1.png
Logo Design Version 1.png needed a logo.

They aspire to be the "eBay and Uber of toys," which I like. Their ambition is a great sign! They also seem to know what they want logo-wise. They commented on everyone's logo very quickly with praise and feedback.

This experience is humbling for me. I got a 1-star rating from them. Part of it is the style they're looking for is very different. Cartoony is fun, but not very professional. It shows that it's important for me to know my client, not just to create something I think looks good. They are the ones living with it. It needs to suit THEM.

I decided to do this all freehand in Photoshop (I use a Surface Book, which has a digital pen input. So valuable for graphic design.) It came out well, although it took forever to use the pen tool for everything.

The lines aren't perfect or professional. That comes in Illustrator. That skill I am in the process of building, as you'll see in the next post.

That's my report for Day 2! I just finished my Day 3 designs, and let me tell you... They are much more quality - I also used Illustrator!

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~Joe B