Design Challenge Day 1: A Nail Polish Stand

Cue my call with my mentor.

"Joe, focus. You're doing too many things. Just do design right now..."

So I am just doing design. 30 days (at least) of one design on 99 Designs each day.

Yesterday I submitted my first design to, for those of you who don't know, it's a website where people like you and me can design for companies needing designs.

You gotta be good though. Each proposal garners 100+ submissions (although you can submit as many times as you like to boost your chances.)

If you are chosen, each job gets you anywhere from $85 to $995 depending on how much the client will pay...

Enter the client, a Chinese nail polish brand looking to bust into the European and American markets.

They need a new nail polish stand.

So I gave it to them.

My challenges:

  • Making the drip effect.
  • Making the dimensions mirror those of the specification they gave
  • Uploading the file with the wifi here in Colombia.

I am proud of how it came out and look forward to seeing what they think of it! Wish me luck!

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And I will see you in the next post!