What the hell, Joe? Why do you keep changing your brand?


So those of you who have been following me

have seen that I change my brand a lot... ChocolateChipCookieJoe, Project Unchained, DeuxDollarGram, D.I.Y. With Joe...

Some of these were experiments.

Others... Well... I just haven't been very organized to be quite honest.

I have many passions and some I dive deep into and stick with, and I have felt scattered for the longest time. Right now I relish travel, and I write this from Colombia!

But it hasn't always been that way. I grew up, moving around a lot. It helped me become very adventurous, but for a long time, I felt very scattered. This showed in the way I spoke and the way I presented myself. I decided to organize it all under a brand that could expand no matter what I want to learn!

I approached Frank Sasso...

...who created Chester the Cheetah, with my quandary and my solution. He helped me come up with A Spot of Joe, which I further personalized. An amazing start with a brand that made sense... A brand which offers consistency to the inconsistency... A brand which shares my passions - Travel, D.I.Y., Design and whatever else we may stumble into together!


You will read posts about finding a hostel with no money, interviews with successful and skilled people, how to brand yourself, how to find business mentors, how to make duct tape shorts...

And I hope you love it!

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And I will see you in the next post!


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